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Our facility offers a wide range of alcohol and drug rehab programs for individuals struggling from addiction, substance dependence and substance abuse.

Our professional staff offer tailored addiction care programs that are personalized and effective to work for you.

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Whether you’re on our website for yourself or for a loved one, 1000 Islands Wellness is here to help. We can help you get the medical detox and addiction counselling needed to get your life on track.

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If you are on our site, chances are that you, a friend or loved one is struggling with addiction. 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre is one of North America’s most successful medical detox and addiction rehab facilities located in Eastern Ontario. 

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Prescription Addiction Rehab

Prescription Drug Addiction and Opioid Dependence are significant issues for Canadians who deal with pain management and the fallout of addiction to pain medication. 

Our Prescription Addiction Treatment programs begin with Medical Supervised detox and then transitions into holistic, therapeutic counselling programs to get you to recovery. Our Opioid therapeutic program is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction continue to be one of the most challenging dependencies in Canada. 

Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment programs include Medical Detoxification and a detailed rehabilitation program designed for you.  


Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs


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Addiction & Treatment


Addiction & Treatment


Addiction & Treatment


Addiction & Treatment


Addiction & Treatment


Addiction & Treatment


Addiction & Treatment


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Addiction & Treatment

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We provide

Tailored Programs

Our team provides top quality clinical and support programs that are specialized per addiction and tailored specifically to you. This includes a full care plan, group therapy and behavioral health. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation is just a call away.

Dedicated Professionals

Our team of professional addiction specialists conists of experienced counsellors, nurses, physicians, therapists and holistic caregivers. Entrust your recovery to the best.

Ongoing Support

Your rehabilitation program includes coaching and mentoring needed to cope with life after rehabilitation. These specialized programs provide ongoing aftercare and support.

Quality and Safety

From our rigorous medical standards, to our highly trained staff. You can rest assured knowing that we are equipped to appropriately assist in any situation.

About Our Centre

We Are An Exclusive Addiction, Wellness, and Treatment Centre

We are a top rated Rehab in Ontario serving all of Canada and the United States. Located in the beautiful Thousand Islands region of Eastern Ontario, our centre offers dedicated professional addiction rehab programs tailored to our clients every need. This includes mentoring, ongoing aftercare and support. 

Let us help you take the first step to recovery. 

Addiction Rehab in Canada

1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre offers a comprehensive addictions rehabilitation programs for a wide range of conditions and dependencies. Our Wellness Centre offers drug and alcohol rehab programs designed for specific client needs serving Canada and North America through our Rehab in Ontario. Our goal is to save lives and create futures for our clients through long term recovery success. Addiction counselling and specific treatment is offered on a wide range of topics and underlying issues. Our addiction counsellors and medical staff work together on your individualized treatment program to ensure that success. Family life moving forward is very important and we will help you and your family members to understand what they can do to help you succeed. As a drug rehab and medical detox centre located in Eastern Ontario we serve clients throughout Canada and the United States. 

The Stories Of Addiction

The path to addiction is never the same for each person. There are many factors that may contribute to dependence on drugs or alcohol. This means that everyone needs rehabilitation programs that are designed for their specific needs.

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