1000 Islands Wellness and Treatment Centre is pleased to announce that they will be seeking CARF Accreditation for its Addiction Rehabilitation and Medical Detox centre. In the field of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation, 1000 Islands Wellness and Treatment believes that there must be standards of care and expectations of service delivery for all service providers in Canada.

CARF Accreditation requires that service providers commit to quality improvements that target the needs of each person that is cared for. CARF is world-renowned as the leading body in Accreditation in the Medical, Clinical and Rehabilitation fields.

“Since day one, we have continuously improved our facility and programs and CARF Accreditation is the natural extension of the work that we have done so far.” Notes the owner of 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre, Christopher Fagan who is committed to providing world-class care to his clients. “I have not only experienced treatment but I have traveled across North America and visited many facilities and they are not all providing the same level of care. One thing is clear is that there need to be consistent standards for rehabilitation centres.”

Robin Haslam, General Manager of the Centre is excited about the process. “CARF Accreditation means that our current culture of continuous improvement can now be evaluated, measured and focused. We are already striving for program, clinical and safety excellence for our clients and this process will validate the quality of our programming.”

As the accreditation process progresses the 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre will be providing updates.

For more information on CARF and their various accreditation programs visit their website here. A service provider begins the accreditation process with an internal examination of its program and business practices. Then the provider requests an on-site survey that will be conducted by a team of expert practitioners selected by CARF. During the survey, the provider must demonstrate that it conforms to a series of rigorous and internationally recognized CARF standards. Based on the results of the survey, CARF prepares a written report of the provider’s strengths and areas for improvement. If a provider has sufficiently demonstrated its conformance to the standards, it earns CARF accreditation.