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Our team of professional staff consist of experienced counsellors, nurses, physicians, and more. Entrust your recovery to the best. We provide top quality clinical and support programs that are specialized per addiction and tailored to you.

Dr Sanjay

Dr. Sanjay Acharya

Chief Of Staff

Dr. Acharya was appointed the Chief of Staff at the Queensway Carleton Hospital on February 1, 2019. He is an active member of the Department of Anaesthesia. He is the Vice Chair of the OMA Governing Council. He is the Chair of the Bruyere AFP Governance Committee. Dr. Acharya received his Bachelor of Medical Science and Medical Degree both from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He was a Canadian Armed Forces Medical Officer who served as a primary care physician in Petawawa and overseas many times as an anesthesiologist. Dr. Acharya did his post graduate training in Anaesthesia at the University of Ottawa.

Robin is an accomplished both National and International Addiction and Mental Health Counselor. He is also a Certified and Registered Substance Abuse Expert (RSAE) providing Clinical Assessment and Treatment for Safety – Sensitive Workplaces. He is an International Certified Addiction Counselor (ICADC) obtaining his credentials from the Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federation (CACCF), which is a board member of the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC). He is also a Canadian Certified Addiction Counselor (CCAC). He is also a Registered Service provider for one of the largest auto manufactures in North America. He volunteers many hours of his time to projects advocating for the undeserved and marginalized in society. Robin completed his Addiction studies from the University of McMaster Hamilton and continues to enhance his knowledge on addiction by continuing his education.

Robin Haslam

Robin Haslam


Robin A. Haslam D (Aw) CCAC ICADC RSAE ISP EFAP (Provider) Registered.

John graduated from McMaster University where he specialized in Addictions and is a member of CACCF. He worked in the Youth Justice sector as well as the Developmental Sector dealing with high risk clients with substance abuse issues in a supervisory role and as a counselor. He also counseled youth and parents regarding substance abuse when he was working in the vulnerable sector.

John brings an understanding that addiction is real, and that recovery is very much related to supports and the environments that present themselves. He intertwines an empathy and passionate interest in concurrent disorders and how they have come to exist in people’s lives.


John M

Lead Counselor - CCAC

Sarah J

Head of Nursing

Sara graduated from St. Lawrence College and began working full time at the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital in 2003. There she quickly gained experience working in Acute psychiatry, Dual diagnosis, Psycho-geriatrics, Forensics and Mood disorders.
With 16 years experience in mental health and substance abuse Sara brings strong leadership, and dedication to the team.Sara and the medical staff work closely together with the client to establish an individualized medical detox for each client entering the program, as each clients struggle and addiction varies.
Sara’s welcoming personality and professionalism will make your experience safe, comfortable and confidential.



Addictions Counselor
Graduated from Fleming college with a drug and alcohol addiction counselling diploma. I have worked in multiple divisions in the field of addiction and mental health. I believe in the client centred approach using the biopsychosocial model & CBT and DBT therapies

David is a highly qualified RPN with over a 20yrs of experience in nursing, with a strong demonstration in clinical skills. David has worked in metal health, areas such as Forensics, Dual Diagnosis, Psycho-Geriatrics, community health care, long-term care. David also teaches the acquired brain injury course. With a holistic approach communicates well with patients and coworkers and always has a good rapport with both. David offers on-going support, advice and advocacy, assesses the health needs of clients, while addressing their physical, social and psychological and health promotion needs through a collaborative team approach of counselling and other activities. While enhancing the dignity and integrity of patients by applying strategies to promote self-esteem, including identifying and using appropriate support networks. David will be a part of the healing process, For you to be able to move forward on the road to recovery.

Wellness Staff

David RPN


Melissa G


Melissa graduated the Registered Practical Nurse program at St. Lawrence College. She originally focused on pre and post operative care but always knew that mental health and addictions is where her main focus needed to be.

She makes sure to listen to her clients while treating them medically; it allows to understand the patient as a whole. She works to manage withdrawal symptoms and communicates closely with the doctor to ensure you’re getting all the treatment you need.

Wellness Staff

Phil G

Phil graduated from St. Lawrence College (Nursing) and brings 22 years’ experience working in the Mental Health Care field. Areas such as Forensics, Dual Diagnosis, Psycho-Geriatrics, Community Mental Health and Corrections and all within acute and long-term care settings.
Phil’s experience and on-going education focuses on health teaching and advocating for the clients while maintaining a holistic approach and to assist clients reach their optimum level of functioning while on their path to recovery and well-being.
Tim graduated from St. Lawrence College (Nursing). He has 31 years of experience in the Mental Health field. He has worked in Forensics, Acute Psychiatry,
Psycho-geriatrics, and Dual diagnosis. He works with clients to establish individual treatment plans. Tim advocates for clients to ensure they receive
the optimal level of care and treatment that they require.
Wellness Staff


Wellness Staff

Nancy P


Nancy is a member of an interprofessional team at 1000 Island Wellness and Treatment Center, in that she provides a general Nursing Care for all Clients who are dealing with a wide range of substance abuse and mental illness. She gives Clients, a reassurance, that they will receive their treatments and assessment with the highest standards of her Nursing Practice through her experience and practice which she has obtained from training and degrees and licensed from the College of Nurses.

Nancy’s skills include opiate and alcohol assessments, knowledge of pharmacology, foot care, wound care and parenteral medications. Nancy is an advocate for all clients and a liaise with Counsellors, Doctors and the Clients families for the end goal of returning clients to their communities for a full and productive lifestyle.


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