Rehab Away From Home Benefits Recovery

Rehab Away From Home Benefits Recovery

Should I travel away from home for rehabilitation? Will it increase my chances for success?

It can be beneficial to get away from home in order to receive treatment. There are so many triggers associated with where you live whether emotional or physical that can make a difference in a successful rehabilitation.

Advantages of Going Away

A Change In Location

One of the facts with addiction is that it is based on repetition and routine and a big part of that routine is that location you live and use. You then tie in other emotional and visual triggers associated with that location and that is part of the pattern of substance abuse. By changing locations you can now focus on the core issues and take away the location stimulus that contribute to using.

The Symbolism of True Change

One of the biggest things you need to do to overcome addiction is to change. As you travel to rehabilitation it symbolizes the start a journey that will ultimately lead to recovery. True change includes a different environment, one that takes you away from the issues of the past. A holistic approach to recovery includes positive affirmation and changing the way you think about things. The trip to recovery is the first step in moving away from the person you were and becoming your new recovered self.

Increased Privacy and Confidentiality

When you travel for rehab, you reduce the risk of running into friends and co-workers. You will be with a group of people you don’t know but who are facing the same challenges. You will be interacting with these people for the first time which is part of your road to change. If someone you know is the same centre it can be detrimental to your recovery. These individuals will know your past and it will make it different to change.

Harder to Just Give Up

We know that recovery can be difficult and that not every day is easy. The temptation to call someone up and leave is real, especially if you are in your own town or city. Being in a different location means that you will need to deal with the issues that have caused the bad day and it will ultimately make you stronger as you continue with recovery.

Technology Dependence

Part of our philosophy is that we get people to disconnect from social media and their devices. Being away makes it harder to use technology to opt out of the program and engaging with temptation to leave and start using again. Technology allows for continued connection with family and we work directly with your loved ones into your recovery program.

Natural Environment

Our facility is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Overlooking the St. Lawrence River in the heart of the 1000 Islands. Many of our clients who come from the city have never experienced nature. The indigenous people who inhabited this region called it the Garden Of The Great spirit, a truly special place for you to recover.

Let's Talk About It

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